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06.162020New training dates, rescheduled due to COVID-19Category "CIVA Software" | No comment

CIVA Training

After these difficult times and the general lockdown, we are pleased to inform you that our intercompany training sessions have resumed!

Considering the current circumstances, we have done our best to welcome back our trainees in a safe environment, integrating the necessary sanitary constraints and recommendations.

Our next intercompany training sessions are scheduled on the following dates:

CIVA – Introduction and Applications:

  • 21st - 25th September 2020, in Massy, France (UT module)
  • 23rd - 27th November 2020, in Massy, France (UT, RT and CT modules)
  • 07th - 11th December 2020, in Virginia, U.S.A. (UT and A2D modules)

Reliability in NDE:

  • 20th - 22nd October 2020, in Massy, France

Feel free to contact us if you wish to register to one of these sessions.

The EXTENDE team

05.202020Modeling and Simulation of Austenitic Welds and Coarse-grained SpecimensCategory "CIVA Software" | No comment

PNNL paper

A very interesting paper about evaluation of commercially available nondestructive examination modelling and simulation software packages used in the nuclear industry was recently published by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). CIVA was selected for this study because it is readily available and has been used for NDE in the nuclear power plant industry. In addition to model assessment, other important aspects influencing simulation results are considered including inputs to the models, computational complexity and model run-times, material microstructures, flaw morphology, etc.

In this report, PNNL focused on the use of CIVA for evaluating models of the ultrasound beam and the use of both beam models and flaw response models for simulating coarse-grained materials in austenitic welds, dissimilar metal welds, and cast austenitic stainless steel materials.

After testing many of the features of the CIVA UT module and running multiple varied simulations, PNNL has demonstrated that CIVA is a powerful and versatile tool for ultrasonic modelling, but it should be used with good knowledge of its limitations.

You can read the full paper here.

The EXTENDE team

About Extende

We believe that high quality and innovative Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) will make our world a safer place and will help preserve the environment.

Therefore, our mission is to bring the benefits of Simulation and NDE Development Methodology to the NDE Community.

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