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12.1020192D and 3D FEM calculation within CIVA UTCategory "CIVA Software" | No comment

FEM calculation

In CIVA2020, an array of models is provided in order to reach the best compromise between accuracy and computation time. This now includes a 2D and 3D FEM model directly included in CIVA UT for crack-like defects modelling, with planar or complex shapes (surface breaking ones with planar or cylindrical back walls, or embedded defects). This is based on a hybrid method using the fast and efficient pencil models to simulate beam propagation connected with a FEM beam/defect calculation in box(es) around defect(s). You can deal with issues such as defect tip sharpness impact, defect sizes below the wavelength, or complex wave modes generated at the defect interaction such as creeping waves. Some random variability can also be introduced in the crack morphology to evaluate its impact on the detection sensitivity. A specific grid editor let’s the user define the defect geometry from which the FE mesh is generated.

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12.052019CIVA new feature: DAC/TCG Calibration tool compatible with PA UTCategory "CIVA Software" | No comment


CIVA2020 now offers a fast and integrated DAC curves calculator compatible with sector scan and linear scan PA UT applications. This tool will calculate the response of Side Drilled Holes at different depths for different shots of the PA UT probe (various angles or various successive active groups) inside your simulation project. Once done, the TCG correction will be directly applied on the results. This curve can also be storaged for a further post-processing.

This new calibration tool is also available with conventional transducers which provides a fast and easy way to compute and display DAC curves in CIVA.

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