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01.162020CIVA RT-CT performance optimizedCategory "CIVA Software" | No comment

Linear scan CT modelling

In CIVA 2020, the computation performance of the CIVA RT and CT simulation modules have been noticeably improved, whether it be for the direct radiation part, or for the scattering radiation modelling. It is now possible to sub-sample the detector for the Monte-Carlo calculation, and also to compute only the scattering for some selected projections in CT. The combination of all these improvements makes the use of modelling even more relevant in the framework of an inspection design or parametric study. This comes with other additional features in this module (flat field correction, linear scan applications, import of experimental TIFF formats, etc.).

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12.192019CIVA new feature : Nozzle inspection simulation assistantCategory "CIVA Software" | No comment

Nozzle inspection simulation assistant

In CIVA2020, a dedicated environment for nozzle inspection simulation has been introduced. The goal here is to provide some tools to help optimize the inspection of such complex components.  User starts by defining a defective area in the connection zone, and a range of target angles to reach the defect. CIVA will give accessibility maps to investigate where can be positionned a probe for that target. Then,  the user selects a transducer and again a defective zone and target angles for the beam on the defects. CIVA will then compute sensitivity maps to visualize the defect ultrasonic amplitude response as a function of incidence angles or transducer positions, while defining scanning patterns, focal laws and optimal configurations.

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