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To understand and quantify the impact of influential parameters on an NDT inspection in the framework of a qualification, a design or an optimization study, simulation in CIVA is particularly well adapted since it is easy and fast to precisely change and monitor parameters. Surrogate models or metamodels, calculated from a database of simulations, go one step forward with the possibility to resample on demand and in real time and a multiparametric data set.

Another significant improvement in CIVA 2020 relates to these metamodels, which had been introduced in CIVA 2017 for ET and UT modules. Metamodels are now also available in the RT and GWT modules. The metamodels can now also be used for the full signal and not just on a single component of the maximum signal obtained on a single defect. For instance in UT, it means that you can access all scanning positions, all shots (with PA UT probes), and the full temporal waveform in the metamodel analysis environment.

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