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07.022020TraiNDE application case #02 - Zone coverageCategory "TraiNDE" | No comment

TraiNDE UT zone coverage

TraiNDE UT is a virtual mock-up associated with a signal database which simulates real inspection conditions for numerous applications. Discover the benefits of using TraiNDE UT in your training sessions.

One of them is that, TraiNDE UT includes a “zone coverage tool” displaying the scan path on top of the virtual mock-up image – something that is of course impossible on a real block! Therefore, trainees can check that they are scanning properly while practicing.

Two possibilities are offered:

  • Path display while scanning” mode, for your first attempts and auto-correction
  • Blind test” mode, if you want to challenge yourself in real conditions

Download this complete TraiNDE application case to know more.

Feel free to contact us if you need to have more information on TraiNDE UT.

The EXTENDE team.

06.302020EXTENDE's first training post lockdownCategory "More to Extende" | No comment

1st Training post lockdown

EXTENDE organized its first training post lockdown in the respect of necessary sanitary constraints and recommendations. It was a Reliability in NDE session taught in French and held from 23rd to 25th of June 2020.

The following session will be in English and will take place in our Massy premises from 20th to 22nd October 2020.

CIVA training sessions have also resumed, for more information take a look at our catalogue and schedule

Feel free to contact us if you wish to register to one of these sessions.

The EXTENDE team

About Extende

We believe that high quality and innovative Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) will make our world a safer place and will help preserve the environment.

Therefore, our mission is to bring the benefits of Simulation and NDE Development Methodology to the NDE Community.

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