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10.082020CIVA is now compatible with PRELUDE by TPAC!Category "CIVA Software" | No comment

CIVA compatible with PRELUDE format

The latest 2020 SP2 release of CIVA and CIVA Analysis includes a new plugin to import UT data with PRELUDE format (*.stpacq extension), a data format for PA applications from The Phased Array Company (TPAC). This format corresponds to multipurpose PA applications (focusing, S-Scan, DDF, etc.) and weld inspection.

Compatibility with this new format allows CIVA Analysis to reach a new step as the reference multi-format analysis software.

This is a huge advantage for CIVA users, since they now have the possibility to work with major PA device manufacturers, while working with the same reference software.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, and hurry up to renew your maintenance or purchase a license to benefit from a unique analysis software!

The EXTENDE team.

10.012020CIVA Script: A new feature available as add-on for your CIVA license!Category "CIVA Software" | No comment

CIVA Script

Let’s be more efficient with CIVA SCRIPT!

CIVA Script allows you to load and modify a CIVA configuration, run the simulation, and  extract the results, without opening the Graphical User Interface.

With this tool, CIVA is driven by a short XML file that can be monitored by an external programming language, such as Python, in order to post-process the results and perform loops of simulations.

With CIVA Script, you can save significant time and further enhance the benefits of simulation, especially for large scale computations and analysis work!

Among other ideas, CIVA Script will let you:

  • Automate your computation and analysis loops
  • Optimize or characterize your model with the possibility to iterate on results
  • Customize your results post-processing
  • Drive all parameters, even those that were not available with a “classical” CIVA parametric study
  • Interface CIVA with an external software chain

CIVA Script is compatible with all CIVA modules (UT, ET, RT-CT, GWT).

It comes with a detailed user-manual and tutorials illustrating the use of CIVA Script in 5 examples.

More information available in this document and on this page of our website.

Feel free to contact us if you need to have more information or an offer for this powerful new feature!

The EXTENDE team.

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