CIVA SHM: Structural Health Monitoring thanks to simulation!

15.012021CIVA SHM: Structural Health Monitoring thanks to simulation!Category "CIVA Software"


Since Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) sensors are embedded in the monitored structure, it is even more important than in traditional NDE to design and qualify them carefully before implementation. Simulation is a must have! CIVA now includes a new module to model SHM by Guided Waves, CIVA SHM.

Based on an innovative technique providing very competitive computation times, CIVA SHM is a must-have tool for SHM engineers. With CIVA SHM, engineers can lower the need for costly and time-consuming mock-ups:

  • Design monitoring strategy: Define the relevant number of sensors before preparing prototypes and then embedding sensors in a real structure… For life!
  • Demonstrate monitoring performance: Study influential parameters to assess and improve SHM system reliability
  • Provide data sets for POD evaluation: Generate massive data at low cost thanks to modelling for Probability of Detection campaigns
  • Better understand SHM signals: Simulate different scenarios to better identify defect signals from other features and geometrical effects

In an easy-to-use dedicated user interface, you can represent the specimen to be monitored, the network of sensors and the target defects, then CIVA SHM computes the sensor responses. Dispersion curves are also provided.

CIVA SHM can simulate metallic or composite stratified planar components with potential curvatures or stiffener as well as metallic pipe configurations.

More information available in this document and on the CIVA SHM dedicated page.

Feel free to contact us if you need to have more information about this new module!

The EXTENDE team.

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