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05.232023TraiNDE RT v1.2 is now available!Category "TraiNDE" | No comment

TraiNDE RT v1.2

TraiNDE RT is not just a serious game but bring real added value for RT practitioners' training. Free of radioprotection issues, you don't fear to make mistakes and can "retry" on demand. Without waiting a long time for the film to be developed, you can see your results, and can know your mistakes thanks to an "error report".

This new release mainly features:

  • A new "PC version": It allows trainees and trainers to access TraiNDE RT simulator without having to go through Virtual Reality (VR), should they feel less comfortable with VR. Both versions are provided upon installation, so it is possible to switch from one approach to the other at any time!
  • New exercises: Four new exercises are now available, with different step wedges cases, made of steel or aluminum. More examples to train on and learn from!
  • Multiple IQIs: You can put several put multiple IQIs, in order to be relevant with various thicknesses considered in the same shot.
  • Improved performances: More robust and fluid "Headset to PC" connection, faster image display, etc.

Even more reasons to practice more, anywhere, easily, and to get better prepared for RT certifications with TraiNDE RT!

More information is available in our Release Note.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about TraiNDE RT.

The EXTENDE team.

03.222023CIVA Analysis can now read SONATEST data!Category "CIVA Software" | No comment

CIVA 2023 is compatible with a new UT acquisition system, since SONATEST *.utdata files can be now loaded and processed (A-Scan, B-Scan, C-Scan, D-Scan, L-Scan, S-Scan or TFM data).

The image above shows an S-Scan weld inspection file projected on the weld profile in the 2D viewer. SONATEST systems’ users can then access to the advanced analysis tools of CIVA UT, such as the 3D renderer, the very efficient segmentation algorithm for indications detection and characterization, the ability to customize and automate the analysis process with templates, create reports, the "Simulation on Acquisition" feature to simulate flaws response within a real file, the compatibility with the latest CIVA Data Science module to train machine learning aided diagnostic tools with such acquisition data and CIVA simulations… And much more!

This compatibility is available for free to all CIVA UT Analysis users who can work with a unique software on the analysis of many different acquisition data formats.

More information on CIVA Analysis is available here.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about CIVA.

The EXTENDE team.

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