TraiNDE UT v1.4 is now available

25.032024TraiNDE UT v1.4 is now availableCategory "TraiNDE"

TraiNDE UT 1.4

Based on feedback from our users, this release of the reference UT simulator for NDE inspector training brings a lot of improvements:

  • An even more realistic user experience:

The new design of the dummy probes and the optimization of the probe detection algorithm significantly improve the smoothness of signal response

  • Enriched and more intuitive features:

A more intuitive and modern menu organization, a 3D view, an improved section view and ray tracing, more user-friendly features (DAC curve, zone coverage, indications marking, etc.)

  • A complete and flexible "user sessions" management:

You can now configure in advance different types of "sessions" with a selected set of exercises, specific settings and the possibility to customize flaws


More information in the Release Note and on the dedicated TraiNDE website.

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