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02.042022Blade CT simulation and reconstructionCategory "CIVA Software" | No comment

The CT module available in the current version of CIVA simulation software allows you to find the most suitable configuration to optimize not only the acquisition but also the reconstruction process. The CT setup can be prepared through simulation. Thus, the time necessary for a setup may be optimized. Among other things, CIVA will help you with:

  • Improving control of the acquisition set-up to find the best configuration,
  • Evaluating various factors affecting the image quality, such as the misalignment of the source versus the detector system,
  • Evaluating the performance of different reconstruction algorithms (with the classic 3D analytic FDK algorithm or more advanced iterative ones such PIX TV, SART…),
  • Visualizing the reconstructed volume (3D) through arbitrarily orientated sections.

And some new features are also available in CIVA 2021:

  • You can export the 3D reconstructed part in STL format, so that you can use it as a CAD model for further analysis or simulations (in CIVA for instance).
  • You can also export one or all the projections directly in ImageJ thanks to a dedicated bridge available in CIVA, giving access to extensive analysis tools.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about CIVA.

The EXTENDE team.

01.072022EXTENDE acts for sustainable developmentCategory "More to Extende" | No comment

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2004. Thus, we monitor our environmental impacts and try to reduce them. For impacts related to travels (visits to customers, training courses, conferences), these are difficult to reduce without damaging our business, so we act through carbon contribution.

We have contributed up to 100% (plus an extra donation due to few travels during the pandemic) of our travels emissions of year 2020 by funding the project "Energy efficiency and thermal comfort of educational buildings in Arkhangai" by the Geres association. You can find more details about this project on their website and in this document.

Set up in 1976, Geres is a development NGO working in Europe, Africa and Asia to improve living conditions and fight against climate change and its impacts. As a field player, the energy transition is a major lever in their action in favor of greater climate solidarity.

The EXTENDE team.

About Extende

We believe that high quality and innovative Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) will make our world a safer place and will help preserve the environment.

Therefore, our mission is to bring the benefits of Simulation and NDE Development Methodology to the NDE Community.

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