New scientific publication about the modeling of EMAT probes

25.032024New scientific publication about the modeling of EMAT probesCategory "NDT Consulting and Techniques"

You are interested in the use of EMAT probe for the ultrasonic inspection of ferromagnetic materials? Have a look at this new scientific publication from CEA and EXTENDE in Ultrasonics journal about the "Mechanisms of elastic wave generation by EMAT in ferromagnetic media"!

This paper deals with the elastic wave generation mechanisms induced by an electromagnetic-acoustic transducer (EMAT) in ferromagnetic materials. In conductive materials, Lorentz forces are only responsible for the ultrasounds transmitted by an EMAT (current limitation of CIVA software). But some magnetization and magnetostriction effects have to be accounted for when operating ferromagnetic materials inspection. Moreover, the impact of these various transduction mechanisms strongly depends on the EMAT design and on the ferromagnetic properties of the inspected part. Thus, modeling such complex transduction effects is of paramount importance when designing an EMAT inspection, and this paper offers a generic model that can be integrated into various numerical tools (such as CIVA software) to help optimize EMAT design and give reliable data interpretation.

If you are interested in this topic, impatient for such a model to be integrated in CIVA software, or keen to share with us your experience / interest in EMAT inspection, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The EXTENDE team.

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