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Talking about NDT, we noticed that some of the techniques we use are also applied in other unexpected areas.
One of them is for fishing!

Indeed, a tool exists: the Fishfinder. This sonar imaging system uses ultrasonic transducers to help fishermen to detect in real-time the fish beneath or to the side of your boat. Though the frequencies of the transducers are lower, it works like a giant pulse echo immersion system, only instead of trying to detect flaws, you are trying to detect fish! The Fishfinder will also provide you with the depth of water beneath your boat so you can steer towards deeper water if the water starts to get to shallow. Often the sonar technology is combined with GPS technology so that a map is provided of where you are and where you are going, including side streams, islands, etc. By combining sonar fish finding with GPS technology, it is possible to save the location of your favorite fishing holes and then easily navigate back to them later.

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