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05.052020TraiNDE UT v1.1 is now availableCategory "TraiNDE" | No comment

TraiNDE UT 1.1

TraiNDE UT v1.1 improves the user experience, especially in the management of the tactile interactivity on the virtual mock-up screen.

Let’s mention some of the new features:

  • Probe detection:

TraiNDE UT now manages the probe contact independently from hand touches on the screen.

  • Probe Halo:

No more questioning if your probe is properly detected thanks to the “halo” displayed

  • Mark Indications:

New feature added that lets you mark indications by creating multi-lines on the virtual mock-up while scanning the probe and checking the signals, just like you would do with a real mock-up and a marker.


Take a look at our video!

More information in the Release Note and on the dedicated TraiNDE website.

The EXTENDE team


01.222020TraiNDE UT video tutorial : zone coverageCategory "TraiNDE" | No comment

Extende Channel YouTube

TraiNDE UT is designed to help the trainers to improve their teaching. The video below shows how to use the zone coverage tool.

You can also send us an e-mail to obtain more information and plan a dedicated demonstration.

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The EXTENDE team

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