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02.172016CIVA CT, an advanced simulation platform for NDTCategory "CIVA Software" | No comment

CIVA CT scene

The proceedings of the Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography (iCT) 2016, 9-12 February 2016, Wels, Austria have been published by before the conference. By this service the participants can benefit by accessing the proceedings during the conference from different devices, the organizer has no need to hand-out proceedings on CD or USB media and of course the whole NDT community can virtually take part in this conference.

A paper from CEA and EXTENDE can be downloaded here. It presents an overview of the possibilities offered by CIVA software for X-ray computed tomography simulation. In CIVA CT, it is possible to create typical CT configurations with the source and the detector moving around a sample. The projection data set obtained with such a configuration can be then used to reconstruct a 3D image with different types of algorithms, implemented as plugins. Moreover, CIVA CT offers the capability to import real data that can be further processed and reconstructed in the software environment.

Part of the development described in the paper is already integrated in CIVA and will be available in the next release.  We expect to release CIVA 2016 this Spring.

Don’t hesitate asking us for more information.

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02.102016Single Sided Weld Inspection Using Advanced Ultrasonic MethodsCategory "NDT Consulting and Techniques" | No comment


In general practices, ultrasonic weld examination requires probe placement on both sides of the weld to provide complete inspection coverage of the weld volume.  Some configurations restrict the probe placement to access from only one side of the weld. These weld joints are specified as one sided access weld joints. The requirement for examination of these kinds of welds is a common scenario faced in various industries.

Advanced ultrasonic examination methods such as Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) & Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD) have provided effective volumetric examination for welds. This is true when scanning is performed from both sides. However for single-sided weld access, the limited scanning compromises the detection of lack of fusion on the bevel opposite to the probe side.

The authors from A-Star Training & Consultancy have studied and documented in a paper the ultrasonic response of opposite side sub-surface Lack of Fusion (LOF) in one sided access weld joints using ultrasonic examination techniques such as:

  • linear phased array tip diffraction technique,
  • linear phased array third leg examination
  • and DMA (Dual Matrix Array) ultrasonic technique.

The examination sensitivity of the 3 techniques and the detection proficiency between conventional phased array S-scan and Dual Matrix Phased Array are also presented. The conclusion is that the dual matrix array technique is better than the other techniques evaluated in the paper. Experimental results are compared with CIVA inspection simulations, showing good agreement between the two.

For more information, download the paper "Single Sided Weld Inspection using Advanced Ultrasonic Methods"  HERE.

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