With TraiNDE, all Trainees can work on the same block at the same time !

23.062020With TraiNDE, all Trainees can work on the same block at the same time !Category "TraiNDE"

TrainDE 1.1

TraiNDE UT is a virtual mock-up associated with a signal database which simulates real inspection conditions for numerous applications. Discover the benefits of using TraiNDE UT in your training sessions.

One of them is that, TraiNDE UT allows practicing on the same blocks with the same defects for all trainees at the same time, while the trainers explains or shows the result to obtain !

Indeed, practice is the best way for a comprehensive explanation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to train several inspectors to make the same gesture on real blocks in the same time and to explain UT interactions with defects or specimen geometry excepted with standardized calibration ones … whereas this is easy with TraiNDE !

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Download this complete TraiNDE application case.

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