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EXTENDE will partcipate to a CAPME'UP day organised by experts from CETIM and CEA List.

This day will be held in Grenoble the 24th March 2016. It is an extended format of the NDT workshops and monthly free Capme'upIt is open to 40 people.

The programme includes 3 demonstration workshops and individual interviews with experts.

NDT workshops were set up by CETIM and CEA List, partners within the Capme'up program, in order to help companies realize their project and discover the technologies and applications of NDTThey are designed "to measure" to highlightstudy and solve the specific problems of the attending industrials.

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We believe that high quality and innovative Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) will make our world a safer place and will help preserve the environment.

Therefore, our mission is to bring the benefits of Simulation and NDE Development Methodology to the NDE Community.

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