Release of the Patch SP2

03.052018Release of the Patch SP2Category "CIVA Software"

Patch SP2 CIVA 2017

We are happy to inform you that the patch SP2 is now released. This patch includes some bug fixing mainly in the UT module. The main ones that were reported by some users are:

  • Restriction to unisequential option only when loading a Phased-array from the probe library
  • Numbering of the shots when exporting a C-Scan in text file (Previously the shot numbering in the exported text file goes from 0 to N-1 whereas in the CIVA windows, the cursors numbering goes from 1 to N)
  • Inversion in the UT probe library of the length and width values for WB & MWB probe types
  • Wrong interpretation of curved Olympus predefined probes in the probe library
  • In RT, for flat panel detectors with the option geometrical blurring of the source ticked and also when the option “simulate the images without flaws (in the computation option is selected): in this case the response of the flaw in the final image was not considered.

And some improvements:

  • Visualization in the 3D view of the global contour when merging two indications from the indication table
  • Information on the equivalent ellipsoid for a given indication (by providing the orientation and size)
  • Possibility to open Gekko files up to version 2.2.5

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