First North American CIVA User Group

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CIVA User Group

At the NDTMA conference in February 2020, Sensor Networks management suggested to Extende Inc. VP Erica Schumacher that they co-host a CIVA User Group meeting at their State College, PA facility. The idea was proposed upon learning about the 2019 CIVA User Group meeting in the UK and wanting to have a similar exchange of information in the USA. After much discussion, plans for the event were made and CIVA users in the USA and Canada were invited to attend and present. 

While the original plan was to hold a 1.5 day in-person event, like many other events this year, we made the decision to transition from an in-person event to an all virtual user group meeting. We also decided to shorter the event to a half day.

Approximately 40 people attended the meeting from throughout the USA and Canada, working in industries ranging from nuclear, to oil and gas, transportation and aerospace. Four users presented on their applications of CIVA UT. For those of you that did not attend, the presentations are now available on our website.

Based on the success of this event, we plan to have a CIVA User Group meeting in the USA in 2021.  It is too early to know if we will be able to hold an in-person event next summer. For 2021, we would like to increase the number of user presentations and expand the methods that are presented. If you are working with CIVA UT, ET, RT, CT or GWT, we encourage you to share how you utilize it to more effectively meet your NDT challenges at the 2021 User Group. More information will be provided in 2021.

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