CIVA 2015: Data Analysis is now available

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CIVA 2015 UT Analysis Module

CIVA UT Analysis now includes tools that allow you to easily and quickly extract indications from UT Data (#id, depth, size, etc.) and to fill in an indication table that can be exported in ASCII file and/or directly prepare an examination report, including images, distances and comments by a simple click.

Memory performance has been enhanced as well as the GUI in order to efficiently perform such analysis works even on large industrial acquisition data files, including Phased Array technology.

Always wishing to offer cutting-edge features and not only basic ones, the indication selection cannot only be performed manually or based on classical “-N dB grouping” operations (these operations are now really easy to do in CIVA) but a powerful algorithm called “One Click Segmentation” is now available to automatically extract the relevant information in a given area (even from the C-scan view).

Another one-click feature allows you to see relevant data in the 3D view of the component.

This new version proposes both improvement of basic functionalities (cursors, measurement and selection tools, gates and limitations, A-scan time tracker, etc.) and powerful tools for advanced analysis (automatic & simplified segmentation as described above, one click “-N dB grouping”, advanced segmentation, “Simulation – Acquisition” direct comparisons, signal processing, hysteresis fixing, amplitude histogram, eraser, etc.) and data reconstruction (simple reconstruction, surface reconstruction, Total Focusing Method). The analysis environment is also adapted for multi-sensor acquisitions (links between different cursors, multi-burst layout).

Once the processing is performed on a given file, most steps of the applied procedure can be saved and are kept in memory.  This makes it easy to perform the job of several steps or to allow real traceability of the analysis process and a fast repeatable procedure. These templates allow you to have several dedicated environments and processes ready to use.

These new analysis features are directly included in CIVA UT and can be used both for simulation and acquisition data. They are also available in a standalone version as a license of CIVA UT Analysis (i.e. without simulation tools but optionally with the CIVA beam computation module) to be used especially for data analysis, performed on or off the job-site. Don’t hesitate to contact us for pricing information for a license of CIVA UT Analysis.

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