Reverse engineering for Dual element probes

30.062015Reverse engineering for Dual element probesCategory "NDT Consulting and Techniques"

In the framework of your NDT/NDE activity, you are working on a UT inspection with a procedure requiring the use of one or more probes with a separate Transmitter and Receiver (TRL probes). You would like to utilize the benefits of CIVA modeling software, but you’re not sure of some input parameters required in the CIVA Graphical User Interface for such probes, or you do not know which numerical values should be defined in order to accurately model your probes and get relevant simulations. Don’t worry, EXTENDE can provide you with a probe setting file ready to load in CIVA and based on experimental data. You just need to provide us with some data measured with the real probe as well as some basic information about it. We can definitely help you; do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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