CIVA new feature : Nozzle inspection simulation assistant

19.122019CIVA new feature : Nozzle inspection simulation assistantCategory "CIVA Software"

Nozzle inspection simulation assistant

In CIVA2020, a dedicated environment for nozzle inspection simulation has been introduced. The goal here is to provide some tools to help optimize the inspection of such complex components.  User starts by defining a defective area in the connection zone, and a range of target angles to reach the defect. CIVA will give accessibility maps to investigate where can be positionned a probe for that target. Then,  the user selects a transducer and again a defective zone and target angles for the beam on the defects. CIVA will then compute sensitivity maps to visualize the defect ultrasonic amplitude response as a function of incidence angles or transducer positions, while defining scanning patterns, focal laws and optimal configurations.

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